Respected Sir , Madam,
dear friends and supporters,

after the powerful earthquake that struck Nepal last Saturday, we would like to send you all an update.
The DHOS family including our staff stationed at the outreach centers are fine and got in contact with the hospital.We are trying our best to cope with this devastating situation and the growing number of injured patients. The main building of the hospital is intact, we have some damage at the Paediatric Building, the new out patient department and the Skill Lab. Our outreach centers especially the new buildings are fine - old constructions in Manekharka, Bahunepati and some other outreach centers collapsed.

The number of deaths are rising , in our district Kavre alone 300 people died, some regions are not accessible yet. Over the last days we treated more than 600 severely injured patients, mostly elderly, women and children who were at home when the earthquake struck. Within 30 hours we had to operate 37 patients, 50 patients are yet to be operated. Since there is no electricity supply, the hospital`s main departments are running  on a generator. Most of the cases have fractures, we have also seen many lung bleedings resulting from rib fractures. Every bed in the hospital is occupied, all intensive care units are full - we bought mattresses for the patients to stay on the floor and outside the hospital.Patients who are out of danger are transferred by a hospital bus to a nearby  army camp in Dhulikhel. Helicopters are now bringing patients with post trauma infected wounds and fractures from more remote areas.  One of our outreach centers that has the capacity to hold  6 inpatients had to deal with 200 injured. The severely injured are flown to the hospital with helicopters and on their way back they transport medicine and medical supply to the outreach centers. 

Our medial team is working around the clock,the entire hospital is now running on emergency services only. While aftershocks are still quite strong , we are expecting more casualties  - our medical supplies are very limited now and we are in need of almost everything.

Attached please find some photos of the scenario yesterday and today.

All the best for you and  Namaste ! Thank you for your support.

Dr. Ram K.M. Shrestha and the entire DHOS team


Hello Ammy mam,
Thank you very much for remembering us. All our family are ok. It was very scary experience of life. the situation in hospital and villages in Sindhupalchok is terrible. Three of our outreach centers are destroyed including bahunipati and manikharka. Fortunately no injuries to our staffs. Hospital is relatively safe place. It was constructed earthquake proof. Except some crack in the wall no damage happened to hospital. We are working day and night to serve people. I have not been to home since the earthquake happened. we are getting lots of survivors of earthquake. All the wards and corridors are full now.
Even we discharge the patients they are not able to go to normal life.
Many lost their family and home is destroyed.
I think Dhulikhel Hospital is doing one of the best patient management this time. OT is running round the clock. We do triage at gate and at emergency. Till now its going on systematically.
I could not replay earlier because internet in hospital is working only from today.
Thanks again for remembering us.

With best regards,



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